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…through Yoga, Massage, and Lifestyle & Weight Loss Coaching.


Aerial Yoga Is Here!


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Aerial Yoga uses a hanging hammock to support the weight of the body while in yoga asanas. Students are able to achieve correct postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort, resulting in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind as well! Working in the silk makes challenging yoga asanas easier and back-bends more accessible. Aerial Yoga helps tone the upper body, strengthen the deep core and stabilizing muscles, decompress the spine, and achieve deep muscular release.

Stop by and see what sets Harmony Yoga apart…


Yoga room
Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the Tampa Bay Yoga Community. With nearly 1200 square feet of space in the Yoga studio, there is plenty of room for over 40 people to enjoy class together without feeling restricted. Our Yoga floor is an Engineered Floating Floor, proven to be better for standing poses. The lighting is subtle and variable, making a wonderful ambiance. Our music system is a state-of-the-art stereo system, designed to deliver smooth and even distribution of sound throughout the room.

Quality of Instruction

Our instructors are the finest to be found in the entire Tampa Bay region. Certifications at many different levels and in several styles assure that you will be able to find a level of yoga that will meet your needs. Our instructors are constantly striving to higher levels of education, bringing you the cutting-edge of yoga instruction. Our instructors have been featured instructors at the annual Rasa-Lila Fest, teaching other instructors.

“Wonderful class- I’ve been a dancer for 18 years and been doing hot yoga for 2 and the first hot yoga class I took at Harmony was definitely one of my favorites! My instructor was very attentive and knowledgeable and the other students in the class were very welcoming for an all-around comfortable atmosphere. I’m very happy with my experience!”  Samantha


Quality of Services

Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center is a complete lifestyle and personal health center. As well as our Yoga Studio, we offer a wide range of Complementary Alternative Medicine resources. From Acupuncture to Massage, Diet, Nutrition and other types of therapies, our specialists are highly trained to bring you the finest in whole body and mind care. We can design a personal regimen for you that is guaranteed to improve your overall state of being.


Conveniently located in a large strip-center on a major highway in the Carrollwood area of North-West Tampa means that anyone can get to us quickly. We are less than a mile from Dale Mabry Highway, near Busch Blvd., and only 3 miles from the Veteran’s Expressway. We have plenty of well-lit parking.

Special Features

Our retail shop carries all of the accessories that you need for a complete Yoga lifestyle including mats, handmade soap, handmade jewelry, and essential oils.